Fostering Science and Technology Experts

Who Can Assume Great Responsibilities in Global Society


Founded in 1886, Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology has a long history and tradition of over 130 years. Established as a leading-edge school based on new ideas ahead of the times, the school has long been contributing to fostering experts in the fields of science and technology.

In recent years, we have been designated as a “Super Science High School (SSH)” and a “Super Global High School (SGH)” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and we have been active implementing these programs. It has been a great honor to have been designated as SSH and SGH simultaneously.

We are one of the few schools which were designated as SSH school at the start of the SSH framework by MEXT in 2002, and have continually been designated as SSH through the present. Through our education, in addition to fundamental abilities in science and technology, our students develop the following six abilities:

1. The ability to “understand” new information and matters.

2. The ability to “produce” through experiments and workshops.

3. The ability to “create” through envisioning new concepts and images.

4. The ability to “challenge” new unidentified issues.

5. The ability to “understand” each other, with people from Japan and abroad.

6. The ability to organically “integrate” knowledge/skills with issues.

With respect to SGH, we received designation from 2015 for 5 years, with the objective of fostering global leaders accomplished in science and technology who will be active in the globalized society. Through the SGH program, we developed international exchange programs with schools overseas, as well as our curriculum of studies.

With the implementation of these exchange and educational programs, as well as improvement in our curriculum, utilizing frameworks for advanced science and technology education and for furthering international mindset, we are confident that our school will foster the much needed “science and technology experts who can assume great responsibilities in global society”

In addition, we are involved in active collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology, and are taking on new challenges. Over the years, with the support of Tokyo Institute of Technology, we have deepened our relationship with the university, and have taken pioneering approaches toward an integrated educational system for high school, university, graduate school and continuing education.

At Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology, our students grow and develop, acquire a solid foundation in science and technology, and prepare themselves for universities and graduate schools where they will develop themselves to succeed in society. We have high expectations for our students to become active global leaders in the future, to challenge undiscovered issues, and to become experts who will greatly contribute to the advancement of the world.

Shigeki NAKAGAWA, Principal

Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology